Kids in the classroom


Sandra Baker

Date Hired: 12/12
Current Assignment: Room 4 Head Teacher/Intern
Education: Maryville University
Previous Experience: Hope Montessori Academy

Carol M. Becker

Date Hired : 8/11
Current Assignment : Room 1 Assistant Teacher
Education : Robert Morris College
Previous Experience : Bright & Early Daycare

Adrienne Benestelli

Date Hired : 2/90
Current Assignment : Director
Education : University of Pittsburgh, MPA Public Administration; George Washington University, BA Sociology; Webster College, AD Liberal Arts, Center for Montessori Teacher Education, Certified Administrator
Previous Experience : YWCA of Greater Pittsburgh

Denise Chapman

Date Hired:  12/14
Current Assignment:  Room 2 PM Assistant Teacher
Education:  Slippery Rock University
Previous Experience:  Community Mental Health


Peggy Findle

Date Hired: 8/13
Current Assignment: Substitute Teacher
Education: Allegheny College BA
Previous Experience: Westminster Nursery School


Debbie Finnerty

Date Hired: 08/14
Current Assignment: Substitute Teacher
Education: CCAC, Childcare
Previous Experience: St. Winifred Parish

Kathleen Fitzpatrick

Date Hired: 6/13
Current Assignment: Room 3 AM and Room 2 PM Assistant Teacher
Education: Duquesne University, MS; Penn State, BA
Previous Experience: Bethel Park School District

Maria Guerrero-Snell

Date Hired: 06/14
Current Assignment: Spanish Teacher
Education: Hostos Community College, ECE
Previous Experience: Lango Pittsburgh


Date Hired: 2/99
Current Assignment: Student Services Coordinator
Education: SUNY@Oswego, BS; Broome Community College , Associate Degree; Montessori Summer Institute, 1999
Previous Experience: Northfield Elementary School

Claire Hulefeld

Claire Hulefeld

Date Hired: 11/12
Current Assignment: Room 6 Assistant Teacher
Education: Miami University, BS
Previous Experience: Tutor Doc

Corey Jacob

Date Hired: 6/14
Current Assignment: Physical Education Teacher
Education: Penn State, B.S.
Previous Experience: Family Behavioral Resources

Alphonsa Jose

Date Hired: 8/13
Current Assignment: Room 1 AM Assistant Teacher/Intern
Education: St. Joseph’s College, BSc; Loyola College, BEd, Previous Experience: Nanny

Kristen Koberger

Date Hired: 6/13
Current Assignment: Room 6 Head Teacher/Intern
Education: Miami University
Previous Experience: North Palm Beach Elementary

Mine Kara

Date Hired: 12/14
Current Assignment: Assistant Toddler Teacher
Education:  Anatolien University; Duquesne University
Previous Experience: Young Scholars

Susan Kohler

Susan Kohler

Date Hired: 9/98
Current Assignment: Room 3 AM Head Teacher
Education: Carlow University
Previous Experience: Keystone Oaks School District

Kitty Lang

Date Hired : 8/05
Current Assignment : Room 5 Head Teacher
Education : University of Dayton , BS, Education; Duquesne University , Introduction to Montessori; Montessori Summer Institute, Center for Montessori Teacher Education
Previous Experience : Family Design, Inc.

Denise Machi

Date Hired : 8/05
Current Assignment : Toddler Head Teacher
Education : Keystone Oaks, NAMTT-Certified Toddler Teacher
Previous Experience : Cornerstone Leadership Academy

Katina McGregor

Date Hired: 08/14
Current Assignment: Room 5 Assistant Teacher
Education: Columbia International University, B.S.
Previous Experience: Kindercare

Jennifer Massaro

Date Hired : 9/99
Current Assignment : 3-6 Room 2 Head Teacher
Education : Penn State, BA Psychology; Walsh University , 3-6 Montessori Training Program
Previous Experience : Mercy Behavioral Health

Natalie O'Loughlin

Natalie O’Loughlin

Date Hired: 8/11
Current Assignment: Room 2 Assistant Teacher
Education: Ohio State University; University of Pittsburgh
Previous Employment: Beginnings

Amber Salmen

Amber N. Salmen

Date Hired: 8/12
Current Assignment: Academy Art Teacher
Education: Indiana University of PA, BS Art Education
Previous Experience: Pittsburgh Center for the Arts

Laura Saulson

Date Hired: 12/13
Current Assignment: Substitute Teacher
Education: University of Arizona, BS
Previous Experience: Allegheny Intermediate Unit

Joanne Schreiber

Date Hired : 9/93
Current Assignment : Administrator
Education : Duquesne University, MSEd, BS Medical Technology; CCAC, AD Data Processing; University of Pittsburgh, Graduate School of HRP and LIS courses; Duquesne University, Introduction to Montessori; Montessori Summer Institute, 2003
Previous Experience : The Grable Foundation

Mary Ellen Shea

Date Hired : 9/00
Current Assignment : Room 2 AM Head Teacher
Education : Slippery Rock State University, BS, Health, Physical Education and Recreation, Penn State, Masters Courses; Montessori Summer Institute, 2000
Previous Experience : St. Joseph School

Emily Sinar

Date Hired: 08/08
Current Assignment: Kindergarten Head Teacher
Education: Bowling Green State University, MS Psychology; Illinois Wesleyan University, BA Psychology; Duquesne University Introduction to Montessori
Previous Experience: Mt. Lebanon Lutheran Church

Megan Steen

Megan Steen

Date Hired: 12/12
Current Assignment: Room 1 Head Teacher
Education: Green Mountain College, BA; Duquesne University, MSEd
Previous Experience: Mt. Lebanon School District


Jillian Velotta

Date Hired: March 2015
Position: Room 6 Assistant Teacher
Education: University of Winnipeg, BA/Bachelor of Education
Previous Employer: Virginia Chance School

Carol Vogeley

Date Hired: 8/10
Current Assignment: Music Teacher
Education: Duquesne University, BS Music Education; Valparaiso University, MALS
Previous Experience: Kindermusik Instructor

Phyllis Wai

Date Hired: 06/14
Current Assignment: Room 3 Assistant Teacher
Education: Central Michigan University, B.S.
Previous Experience: Robert Half International



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