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Alumni are treasures!

Over the past forty years, thousands of parents have entrusted their children to the care of Mt. Lebanon Montessori School. Together with the staff and the community, these parents and children shape the richly woven tapestry of history that is Mt. Lebanon Montessori School.

This section of our website celebrates our alumni and their families. Their stories and lives are the foundation, the energy, the vitality and the strength of Mt. Lebanon Montessori School and Academy.

Here is one parent’s loving biography of Erin Whitelely Dickerson, Class of 1980:

Erin Whiteley Dickerson was born on May 29, 1976. Her first day of pre-school was at St. Winifred’s Montessori on December 6, 1978. Sister Barbara and Sister Lorraine were her first teachers. She attended the Montessori half-day sessions until May 1980. Erin transferred to the Carlow College Montessori program in September l980 and stayed there until she completed the Montessori kindergarten in June 1982. She skipped first grade and went straight into second grade at St. Bernard’s School in Mt. Lebanon. After two years there, she enrolled in Mt. Lebanon’s Washington Elementary for a year and then Foster Elementary to complete her elementary education in June of 1987.

She attended the Mt. Lebanon Junior High School and the Senior High School and graduated in June 1993. Erin was awarded a Presidential Scholarship to The American University in Washington, D.C. and majored in pre-law, graduating in 1997. She graduated in May of 2001 from the University of Pittsburgh School of Law and is presently a law clerk for a judge in Washington County. Erin hopes to practice family and criminal law.

She will be married October 12, 2002 to Scott Burrows, a consultant with Price Waterhouse-Coopers and will make her home in Peters Twp.

From Casey Levine, class of 1994-1995:
Name: Casey Levine
Name High School: Bethel Park High School
Name of College: Penn State University, Main Campus
Career Path: Major in English and Communications

Memories of Montessori School: Some of my favorite memories of my time spent at Montessori were the great friends that I made, and the time we spent together. Riding sleds down the main hill in the winter, taking walks up and around the church, and field-trips of course. Academically, the Reading program was the most motivational aspect of my childhood. The challenge to read and go through different levels of reading material helped me to exceed any goals in the field of English throughout my life, preparing me at this time for my college career.

Ms. Levine in a member of the first Elementary Class (1994-1995) at Mt. Lebanon Montessori Academy. Posted March 2006.

The following people have credited their early Montessori education as a significant factor in their successes.

  • Sergey Brinn, Co-Founder, Google
  • George Clooney, Academy Award Winner
  • Jeff Bezon, Founder,
  • Eric Cornell, Nobel Prize Winner


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