Kids in the classroom

Day in the Life of a Five/Six Year Old

8:45 a.m. John arrives at the school in carline. His teacher opens the car door and greets him with a smile and a handshake. He walks to his classroom to begin his school day.

John is using the Tens Board to build quantities. He is practicing how to read a 2-digit number and learning how to recognize its components. John must be aware of his body movements so that his work is not disturbed. He is increasing his ability to concentrate and focus in the midst of a busy classroom.

John is working with the snake game. He is building a colorful snake of bead bars. Then through counting and exchanging, he changes the snake into a gold one. The quantities of 10 are being reinforced in a fun way. More importantly, John is following a complex set of steps that put his organization skills to the test.

John is tracing a stencil. He is strengthening his hand for writing while also practicing how to hold the shape stencil still.

John is using common shapes to create a picture. He is practicing how to make choices and also how to follow through with his choices.  A group of three year olds is observing John’s work.

John is taking on the task of matching each state to a control map. He must be aware of his body movement so as not to disturb the states he already placed. He is becoming familiar with the individual state shapes and location. Gradually, he will learn some of their names.

John is working with the bank game. He is becoming familiar with the decimal system. He is building his memory skills by listening to a verbal request, retaining the information and then following through with the request.

John is also practicing his sentence building skills by stating his responses in sentence form.

The teacher calls the students for circle for a birthday celebration.  Then they prepare to go outside for playground.  When they return to the classroom, it will be time for dismissal.

11:45 a.m.  John greets his mom at the classroom door and says goodbye to his teacher with a smile and a handshake.



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