Kids in the classroom

Day in the Life of a Four Year Old

8:45 a.m. Carlotta arrives at the school in carline. Her teacher opens the car door and greets her with a smile and a handshake. She greets the school Administrator at the door. Then, she walks to her classroom to begin the school day.

Carlotta is matching the pieces of a fish puzzle onto a control map. She is manipulating each part of the fish. She will gradually learn the names of each of these parts.

Carlotta is creating a jellyfish. She is practicing her coloring, cutting and gluing skills. She is also learning how to copy an example and interpret it in her own way. Ryan is watching closely nearby.

Carlotta is using her imagination to create an ocean scene. She is blending watercolors.

Carlotta is developing his hand through the use of clips. She is strengthening her finger muscles in preparation for writing skills.

Carlotta is washing her hands before eating a snack. Through a complex series of steps, she is learning to follow a sequence, take care of her personal self and clean up her area. She has invited Natalia to share a snack with her. They sit together at the table and practice social interaction. The table is set with placemats and flowers.

Carlotta is practicing her eye-hand coordination. She is tracing a picture of a turtle. She is increasing her ability to concentrate and control a pencil. She is training her eye to notice the detail in the picture.

Carlotta is working with the Pink Tower. She is using her pincer grasp to pick up and carefully place each prism. She will place the prisms in order from large to small. Through this process, she will develop her sense of order, concentration and ability to complete a work cycle.

Carlotta is gluing pieces of paper to make a collage. She is following an involved process of collecting several items including a glue mat, paper, and pieces to glue, glue, glue stick and a sponge to clean up. When she is finished she will return each item to its proper place. She is also practicing her pincer grasp.

The teacher calls the children to circle for a story about dinosaurs. They listen intently as the story unfolds.

Since the weather is inclement today, the children will have indoor recess.

11:45 a.m. Carlotta greets her nanny at the classroom door and says goodbye to her teacher with a smile and a handshake.



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