Kids in the classroom

Day in the Life of a Toddler

9:00 a.m. Dad brings Lilly to the door of the Toddler Room. Since it is winter, she is dressed in a coat, hat, mittens and boots. The door opens and Lilly walks in to the coat rack, when she learns to remove her outerwear and hang it up.

Lilly brought snack today, so that is her first work choice. She goes to the hand washing station where she dons an apron and watches herself in the mirror as she washes her hands. When she is finished, she puts everything away and scoops a bowlful of puffed rice from the hutch. She then pours water into a cup and carries it carefully to the table, along with the puffed rice. She shares snack work with her friend, Leah.

After she cleans up snack, she goes to the art area where she chooses a stamping work.  She makes several other choices in the art area, so she has the chance to use a stamp, a crayon, a pencil and a paintbrush. She is practicing eye hand coordination and pincer grip control which are important writing skills.

She observes her friend, Dom, as he works with the zipper dressing frame. The she tries the button dressing frame.

She finds the new daily living activities intriguing and attractive. She is even more fascinated by the play dough table where she is joined by Mia and Eva.

Now she moves back into the gross motor area to jump up and down on the trampoline. Then she heads to the sound pool to work on sounds and colors. On the way out of the gross motor area, she stops to explore the magnetic letters on the low table.

Lilly spends a few minutes arranging buildings and animals at the farm station before she heads to the reading corner for some quiet time.

10:30 a.m. The teacher calls all of the students to circle to talk about the color red, the sound of “p” and the number “4”. A rousing rendition of “I am Special” follows. Then Lilly is ready to put on her outdoor garments and greet her mother at the door.

11:00 a.m. Teacher shakes her hand and says “Goodbye for today. See you tomorrow!”



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