About Us

At Mt. Lebanon Montessori, we firmly believe in the philosophy developed by Italian physician and educator Maria Montessori. The Montessori Method nurtures intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual growth at a child’s own pace within a healthy and prepared environment.

The Montessori Method not only teaches children important academic skills, but also rasis them with a strong sense of independence, self-confidence and self-awareness.

The distinctive features of the program are:

  • an individual plan for every child
  • a self paced curriculum
  • the prepared environment
  • mixed age groups
  • an emphasis on self-discipline
  • guides who direct each classroom

MLM History:

In the Fall of 1976, Sister Barbara Popchak, VSC and Father Bernard Hrico began a Montessori preschool program at St. Winifred’s Church in Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania. When the school opened its doors in September 1976, there were 25 students and 3 teachers.

The school was incorporated as a nonprofit organization in 1993.

The Academy was established in 1994 with ten elementary students. Today, the Academy’s classrooms and hallways are alive with the spirit and voices of approximately 35 students and 6 team teachers.

In the Summer 2021 Mt. Lebanon Montessori moved to a new home at Bower Hill Community Church. We are currently delivering an authentic Montessori education to over 130 students with a staff of 22.

Mt. Lebanon Montessori School and Academy is the South Hill’s only non-sectarian elementary and preschool program.