Toddler Classroom (ages 2-3)

T-2 Monday & Tuesday Students
T-3 Wednesday, Thursday & Friday Students
Ms. J. Richardson – Lead Guide
Mrs Kairi – Guide

Lower Children’s House (ages 3-6)

LCH-AM Morning Students in Downstairs Classroom
LCH-PM Afternoon Students in Downstairs Classroom
LCH-K Kindergarten Students in AM and PM
Mr. Huseman – Lead Guide
Mrs. Bell – Guide
Miss Turner – Guide

Upper Children’s House (ages 3-6)

UCH-AM Morning Students in Upstairs Classroom
UCH-PM Afternoon Students in Upstairs Classroom
UCH-K Kindergarten Students in AM and PM
Mrs. Cormack – Lead Guide
Ms. Brennan – Guide
Mrs. Elisa – Guide
Mrs. Smith – Guide

Lower Academy (ages 6-9)

LA Grades 1-3
Mrs. Lang – Lead Guide
Mrs. Hulefeld – Lead Guide

Upper Academy (ages 9-12)

UA Grades 4-6
Mr. Brown – Lead Guide
Mrs. Macik – Guide
Mrs. Kolesky – Guide

Mrs. Steen – Director –
Mrs. Hurley – Business Manager –
Mrs. Massaro – Curriculum Coordinator –