Mt. Lebanon Montessori School
Mission Statement


Mt. Lebanon Montessori School Mission Statement

Mt. Lebanon Montessori School is dedicated to the development of the whole child as a unique individual. Through the prepared environment of Montessori teachers and learning materials, the child develops self-discipline, concentration, independence, a thirst for lifetime learning, and respect for self, others, and all of creation.

Reviewed and Re- adopted during Middle States Accreditation 2019.


Mt. Lebanon Montessori allows bright, curious children to take ownership of their education, gaining a love for lifelong learning on the way.
By giving children — from infancy through the elementary school years — the autonomy to pursue their interests and motivations in a healthy, controlled environment, MLM transforms students into:

  • Engaged Learners
    Exploring at their own pace: MLM students develop a passion for learning and individual growth that lasts throughout their lives. They understand that success is defined through progress, not necessarily a grade or test score.
  • Confident Individuals
    Developing their own values:
    Students not only gain academic skills, but also a strong sense of self as they develop focus and concentration, collaboration and independent thinking. Each child feels valued and respected as their own person.


Fundamentals for MLM Graduates